Symposium Presentations

Warrior Care in the 21st Century 2016 Symposium - Presentations

Provided below are presentations given at the Warrior Care in the 21st Century 2016 Symposium in Tampa, Florida.  Please click on the presentation titles to access the presentations.


Day 1 Presentations

PDF iconForce Readiness Modeling & Simulation  -  Presented by Dr. Ray Nason, Booz Allen / Department of Defense Office of Warrior Care Policy (United States)

PDF iconWork Group 1 (Resilience)  -  Presented by Mr. David Morton, Mental Health, Psychology and Rehabilitation, Joint Health Command (Australia)

PDF iconResilience and Early Interventions: A Military Occupational-Health Perspective  -  Presented by Dr. Amy Adler, Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (United States)


Day 2 Presentations

PDF iconWork Group 2 (Recovery & Rehabilitation)  -  Presented by Brigadier General Timothy Hodgetts, Defense Medical Services (United Kingdom)

PDF iconGeorge W Bush Institute  -  Presented by Colonel (Ret.) Miguel Howe, George W. Bush Institute (United States)

PDF iconWork Group 3 (Reintegration)  -  Presented by Mr. Paata Patiashvili, Wounded and Injured Warrior Support Department, Ministry of Defense (Georgia)


Day 3 Presentations

The following presentations were given in support of a panel discussion on international and interagency collaboration.

PDF iconChallenges and Solutions in Rehabilitation of Ukrainian War Casualties  -  Presented by Colonel Professor Vsevolod Stebliuk, Ukrainian Military Medical Academy / Guardian Angels Ukraine (Ukraine)

PDF iconNATO Trust Fund Project to Support Practical Cooperation with Ukraine in the Area of Medical Rehabilitation  -  Presented by Mrs. Nataliia Melnychenko, NATO Support and Procurement Agency Office in Ukraine

PDF iconGermany ISAF Medical Collaboration  -  Presented by Brigadier General Dr. Berndt Mattiesen, PTSD and Mission Related Health Problems, Ministry of Defense (Germany)

PDF iconCanadian Forces Health Services Group  -  Presented by Colonel Jim Kile, Medical Policy and Clinical Care, Canadian Forces Health Services Group (Canada)

PDF iconUnited States Department of Veterans Affairs  -  Presented by Dr. Linda Schwartz, Policy and Planning, Department of Veterans Affairs (United States)